4 for Friday [December 6, 2013]

(4 for Friday posts contain four things that caught my attention this week and I feel are worthy of yours.)

  • Quozio - Make Beautiful Quotes
    It can’t get any simpler than this if you want to make a quote into an image. I love quotes. I love sharing them online. If you do too, then check this site out. It even has a bookmarklet. Woohoo!

  • MindNode 3 for iOS - BrettTerpstra.com
    MindNode is one of my favorite apps on iOS and Mac. It lets you make beautiful and simple mind maps. This is a short overview of some features. It costs $9.99 which will turn off many. But if you love to make mind maps, then it’s well worth the price.

  • Be Friends with Failure | Doodle Alley
    This has to be one of my favorite things I’ve read in a while. I know, I know. You probably don’t struggle with failure. It’s just me, right? I need to re-read this one frequently.

  • Applying MOOC thinking to traditional passing rates | Scripted Spontaneity
    I sort of rediscovered Paul Cancellieri’s (mrscienceteach) blog this week. This post contains a very interesting idea. I doubt it will ever happen, but I reeeeeeaaaly wish that it would.


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