4 for Friday [November 29, 2013]

(4 for Friday posts contain four things that caught my attention this week and I feel are worthy of yours.)

  • 33 Signs You’re A New Teacher
    This was a good laugh. I guarantee you’ll find something relatable.

  • ReadKit for Mac
    ReadKit is a read later and RSS app for Mac. I’ve been using it for a few months, and I really dig it. It works with Feedly, Feed Wrangler, Instapaper, Pocket, Pinboard, and more. PLUS it’s only $2 this week on Black Friday sale. Get it!

  • The Bible App for Kids from YouVersion
    This is a free app for iOS and Android from the team at Lifechurch.tv. It looks very cool. From the site:

    The Bible App for Kids will introduce:

    Kid-friendly navigation Touch-activated animations Engaging content that introduces kids to the big story of the Bible Experiences designed to encourage kids to return again and again

  • ‘It Feels Like Education Malpractice’ - The Atlantic
    Interesting interview with Laurel Sturt. She decided to quit her job in fashion design and become a teacher. She enrolled in two-year Teaching Fellows program and was assigned to teach at an elementary school in a high-poverty neighborhood near the South Bronx.


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