4 for Friday [November 1, 2013]

(4 for Friday posts contain four things that caught my attention this week and I feel are worthy of yours.)

  • We are homeschooling our son
    This is a phenomenal post by David Wees. He shares the letter he and his wife wrote to the superintendent of their NY school district to get their son started with home schooling. The situation as a whole is sad, but I'm happy for David and his family.

  • Like Explorer
    This is a cool web app if you are nosey or have a compusion to know web stats. You simply plug in a URL, and Like Explorer will show you how many times that URL has been shared or liked on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other social networks.

  • Dprobbox vs. Google Drive for Feedback and Grading
    This was a short read explaing why this teacher prefers Google Drive over Dropbox for students to turn in work. I thought she had some good points.

  • Why Markdown? A two minute explanation
    This one's a little on the nerdy side. Stephen Davis asked me for some tips that he could share for his Teacher Productivity Tips series on his blog. Without really thinking about it, I sent him my tips written in Markdown. He told me he had some trouble opening the file. I forgot that not everyone writes in Markdown.

    Markdown is a very quick and easy way to write for the web while on any platform or device. The two minute explanation is a great place to start if you're interested in learning it.