One NC husband who’s happy his overburdened wife is leaving teaching →

I was nodding my head the entire way through this article. Sometimes in agreement, sometimes in empathy, sometimes in disgust.

Matthew Brown on his wife quitting teaching—

After nearly seven years of her passion for teaching turning to dread, she is free to live her life unburdened by the oppressive hands of incompetent legislators and school board members who wish to micromanage education without actually getting involved with the people in it.

It makes me sick. I have no idea what to do.

As each passing year of new policies and tests fails to deliver the results they desire, rather than reform their thinking, these officials create new policies and new tests and pile them on top of the old ones. They, with the raising of a hand and a stroke of a signature, applaud themselves for their feigned ingenuity without thought or regard for those who will have to bear the burden of it.

True. But what to do about it? This is the kind of stuff I have to watch myself with. I can't focus so much on those things which I cannot change. The whole education reform movement seems to have an impotence when it comes to being able to affect change on a big level. There doesn't seem to be a unified rally or a focused effort that I'm aware of. I have no answers.

…I will not have to witness another new year with another new assessment and another new policy that further removes my wife from teaching her class just so some politician can have another metric on a sheet of paper.

This is the crippling emotion of knowing you have to give more than you think you can give—and it's not even for the right reasons.

I am glad because I know others aren’t so fortunate. Some teachers have vested so many years into their careers that leaving now would mean forfeiting their retirement. Unfortunately for them, they have almost no choice, and maybe the state is counting on that.

This reinforces my decision to leave the classroom, even if it was for a few different reasons. I'm glad I have the support to do such a thing.

This whole article makes me sad. I honestly have no clue of what to do about it. I am a small child throwing rocks at an Abrams tank.

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