Failure is a Day, Not a Destiny →

Part of a poem by Jon Acuff—

But failure is a day, not a destiny.

An interaction, not an identity.

This is not your forever, this is your Wednesday.

A chapter in a story as long as your life.

Read on.

Throw the lights until they shame the sun.

Tomorrow is coming and fear will not win the day.

The whole poem is beautiful and stunning. I seriously wish I would have written it, but I'll count myself blessed for reading it.

I'm creeping up on two months since I resigned from teaching. Failure has been a word on the forefront of my mind since then. On my good days, I understand that people aren't failures. Our actions can often lead to failure, but we are not failures. I am not a failure.

Please, please go read Jon's whole poem today. His website appears to be down for a bit, but make sure you follow him on Twitter.

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