4 for Friday [October 18, 2013]

(4 for Friday posts contain four things that caught my attention this week and I feel are worthy of yours.)

  • My Issue With Standards
    Excellent post by Michelle Baldwin about student discovery and who should really own learning.

  • 10 Rules for Writing First Drafts (Poster)
    Solid tips on cranking out first drafts. It would be worth going over them in class if you teach writing—especially the upper grades.

  • Beam App for iOS and Mac
    Very cool app. It’s even free.

    App Store Description:

    BeamApp beams your ongoing activity from your iPhone to your Mac, iPad and back. You finally found the phone number in an email? Just “beam” it to instantly dial it on your iPhone! When you arrive at home you can continue to listen to the music you enjoyed on the go. After planning a route on your tablet you can “beam” it to your mobile and immediately start the turn-by-turn routing. And of course, you can beam websites. Or just beam over text from your pasteboard.

  • PhotoPrompts
    An oldie, but still so good. This is John Spencer’s collection of visual writing prompts. These cover a variety of topics in a stylish way.