The Voice of a Classroom


What’s the voice of your classroom?

Every classroom has one. Obviously, there’s a literal voice that rises and falls with the ebb and flow of the day. The pin drop silence of independent reading quickly gives way to the verbal avalanche of group work. On any given day there is bound to be laughter, questions, silence, crying, cheering, complaining, whispering, and more questions.

But that’s not exactly what I’m talking about. I’m talking about a deeper voice. A voice that is felt more than heard. It’s the voice that penetrates to the very marrow of a classroom. That voice is forged in the fires of time. Hour by hour, day by day, the true voice of a classroom will begin to be heard.

The students in my classes created the sweetest voice this year. Of course every class is special, but this year was


. The atmosphere we created was almost heart-wrenching to rip apart. It was a true classroom family.

Now it’s over. It’s time to move on, but that’s a good thing. Although goodbyes can be sad, voices need to grow and change and reverberate off different walls. And unlike a literal voice, if you close your eyes and be still, you can always hear the echoes of voices past.

(originally written June 12, 2012)