How Many Minutes


School is a numbers game, but not the kind many legislators and test publishers want. It’s less about graph-able data points on a spreadsheet and more about minutes on the clock.

How many minutes do our students read each day? Reading software doesn’t count. Reading related activities don’t count. Reading worksheets don’t count. Just reading.

Really reading.

How many minutes do our students write each day? Spelling lessons don’t count. Typing websites don’t count. Fill-in-the-blank worksheets don’t count either. Just writing.

Really writing.

It’s no secret that the more we do something the better we will get at it. I also think the better we get at something the more we will want to do it. Mastery is a powerful intrinsic motivator. We have to make sure we are using those precious few minutes wisely.

As I look over my shoulder at this past school year, I have to ask myself how many minutes did I do things that would truly make a difference?

It’s a numbers game. It’s one none of us can afford to lose.