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Kelly Tenkely on losing Google Reader:

I’ve been in mourning over Google’s decision to shut down Reader. MOURNING. Honestly, I love having a centralized location for all of my favorite blogs. It is like my own customized newspaper delivered each morning. I’ve been using Google Reader since about 2007, and in that time I’ve amassed an enormous collection of favorites. Whenever I find something I want to remember or be able to go back and read, I Tweet it out and then immediately favorite it. I can’t tell you how often I go to my Reader when I’m remembering something great that I favorited that I want to revisit or share. Daily.

July 1st is fast approaching. I've been plugging my ears, closing my eyes, shaking my head, and repeating na, na, na, na, na for the last month. But it's time.

Feedly finally implemented their own syncing backend, and I've learned that my favorite feed reader of all time, Reeder, will be supporting Feedly. My mind has finally been made.

Kelly offers some great alternatives as we mourn the passing of the soon to be late, great Google Reader. What will you be using?

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