Writing Changes You


Writing changes people.

It’s the hardest, yet most rewarding subject I teach. I love it.

After journaling one morning, (we used

this prompt

) a student ran up to me. His grin stretched ear to ear. He said “I feel like a new person after writing this!” I told him that writing changes people. This ten-year-old finally understood that.

I asked him if I could share his journal page. Here’s the text of his entry:

Why do adults do crime? Why do they cuss? Why do they start wars? Why not be one nation? Why not be friends other than enemies? When I grow up I will not be in wars. I will be trying to make everybody in the world friends.

Why fight? Why not love? Why, why adults do you fight and not love? Remember who created this world. I bet he did not want war & fighting. Remember our savior, God and Jesus. If you want kids to be happy, stop fighting.

He shared this with the class and received a standing ovation. He beamed the rest of the day.

Writing changes people.