Bullets for Standardized Tests

  • Some Many Most kids do not enjoy it
  • Many would rather sit and do nothing than check for mistakes
  • Some kids will race through... no matter what
  • Many kids do not understand what testing is supposed to "do"
  • Many kids will work hard on it for you [the teacher], but for no other reason
  • How do we present testing?  Really?
  • What is the benefit to the student? Really?
  • Do students understand that not everything can be tested?
  • Lots of students develop anxieties [stomach aches, blurry eyes, headaches, lots of headaches] around testing time
  • Do we bribe them by telling them it's for a grade?
  • Do we tell them it's not for a grade and risk them not trying?
  • Do we threaten them if they don't perform a certain way?
  • If it's not for a grade, then what IS it for?
  • Where, if anywhere, does learning fit into this equation?
Random thoughts as we took our practice state assessments today.