What I've Been Writing

I haven't been writing much here lately.  I've been having a blast on my personal blog, 404 Father, writing about what video games mean to me.  I created a Most Memorable Nintendo Games list to keep me focused.  I've been hacking away at it for a few weeks now.  It's been so great.

This list has forced me to write almost daily and publish just about as much.  It's been good for me.  So often, as writers, we don't know what we want to say until we start writing.  Most of these Most Memorable Nintendo Games posts ended up being about so much more than games and much more meaningful.  Especially the top five.  But I never would have found that out if I didn't start writing.

So go write something.  Anything.  All you have to do is start.

*     *     *
And please check out my list if you want to know a little more about ten-year-old me.  I gotta warn you though- it gets a little nerdy and a little nostalgic.

Most Memorable NES Games on 404 Father

[Image courtesy of GameFAQs]