The Lifeblood of Our Classroom

So much of what my students and I do either stems from our journals or revolves around using them.  It's a seemingly small thing with an enormous impact.  But here's the catch to journaling- it has to be every school day.  And I mean every school day.

My classes and I have finally reached the tipping point with our journals.  It took work.  It didn't start out as everyday.  We did it every day of the week before Christmas break.  We have done it every single day in January.  It hit about this time last year as well.

It's just not the same if we do it almost every day.  It really does have to be every day.  If we only journal four out of five days in the week, it's still only something we sometimes do.  It's 80% of the time.  But journaling everyday turns it into just something we do.  Don't miss that.  It's huge.

Journaling the lifeblood of our classroom.  It's one of those things that must be done everyday to get the most impact.  That's what it takes for journaling to become a habit- daily writing.  That's exactly what I want for my students.  I want writing to be a habit.

It's just something we do.  Everyday.  Without fail.