It's About Who We Teach

There is no magic bullet for education.  There is no enchanted cure-all or one-stop shop that's going to fix most of the ills in our schools today.

That's not to say we shouldn't try.  We have a great responsibility as educators and parents.  We have an obligation to grow and learn and fail and try and grow and learn and fail some more.  We should use all the best tools available to help our students as much as possible.

But no computer software is ever going to save education.  No new framework or model will ever truly revolutionize our schools.   No language arts program is ever going to fix the way all kids learn to read.  We're never going to figure it all out.

Because the thing is, education is not what's really broken. It's the people who are broken.  And there's always going to be people.  That's why it can never be as much about how we teach or what we teach.  It has to be about who we teach.