My Big Fat Secret For Teaching Writing

“Don’t know what you are doing, but my daughter went from not liking writing to it being her favorite subject this year!”

A parent left this comment on my class Facebook page last week. I shared it the other day on Twitter. It’s important to share victories and successes. It gives me confidence and encouragement to move forward when I read about others doing well.

I got several replies filled with encouragement and good cheer. A few Twitter peeps wanted to know what my secret is. I sort of half-heartedly answered a few and moved on with my day. But, it got me thinking. Do I really do have some sort of secret for teaching writing?

So I thought for bit, and I came back to my original half-hearted response. Only it didn’t seem so half-hearted anymore. Do you want to know my big, fat secret for teaching kids to write better? My secret is…

I just really love it. In a word, passion.

It sounds simple, and I guess it is. But it’s also true. I just really, really love teaching kids to write better.

I’m drawn to stories and words. I relish the opportunities to write. I love the craft of it; the creativity that drives it. It’s an escape. It’s more than an escape. It’s an escape that you get to create in any way you want.

Writing is therapy. Writing is a release. Writing is a way to cope and a way to make sense of our world.

I try to share that passion with my young writers each day. Whether we are writing in our journals, blogging, or doing some sort of creative writing, I give them as much enthusiasm as I can muster.

I wish I had 7 Keys to Make Kids LOVE Writing! or 10 Easy Steps to Be An AWESOME Writing Teacher! to share. But I don’t. It’s just me. A tall guy with a fuzzy beard, thick glasses and a heart for kids.

I simply let my passion for writing spill all over the place and hope my students get soaked.