On Appreciations, Writing, and Scratchy Noises


Appreciation is a deeply powerful word to me. Appreciate is the mature Dr. Pepper to thank you’s bland Mr. Pibb. No, restaurant waiter guy, Mr. Pibb is not okay.

Teachers are being appreciated all over the country this week. It’s a fun time to be a teacher. I got a few packs of gum, some pens for the class, gift cards to Half Price Books, and more Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups than I know what to do with. Like I said, it’s a fun time and it's nice to get some thank yous.

However, the things that truly make me feel appreciated don’t come in orange and yellow wrappers. They are the notes and cards that students write to me. The Reese's are gone in a few days, but these words stay with me forever.

Here’s one of my favorites:

Mr.Stortz has been teaching us about this technique called the clicking noise, or the scratchy noise if you are writing on paper. The technique implies just to start going. Start pressing keys and just get into your work. This was a very helpful technique for me because I use to just sit there thinking about what I was going to say word for word in my head, but never writing it. My brain would say “That’s Stupid.” or “That doesn’t make sense.” But he has taught us to not listen to that voice. Just put your pen on the paper or your fingers on the keys and let the words flow out.

Mr.Stortz to me is more than just a writing teacher. He is my friend, someone I can trust, someone I can believe, and that is really important to me. The reason is I get in trouble a lot. So I need a teacher that can put those troubles aside and worry about school and not how I got sent to the principal’s office. I appreciate that he wants the best for me and pushes me to do my best, and has taught me that when I do my best it all pays off.

I was so happy to figure out that Mr.Stortz was my teacher. And then I figured out what I was really getting. Not only a teacher who teaches to the art of language, but one who teaches life skills. It is very uncommon to get a teacher who teaches both sides of life. And I am truly blessed to have a teacher like Mr.Stortz. If you have a teacher like Mr.Stortz, then you know what I’m feeling. I am extremely thankful for him. And I bet you are thankful if you have been blessed with such a teacher like me.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I read this. Appreciation. This will keep me going for a long time.