Thoughts on the Teach Like a Rock Star Workshop

y wife and I had the opportunity to attend a Teach Like a Rock Star workshop on our vacation this week (I know, we are teacher nerds to do un-coerced PD on our vacation).  All in all, it was a day well spent.  Hal Bowman is the man behind Teach Like a Rock Star.  He is married with two children and has 20 years of classroom experience.  I appreciated such an authentic and reputable presenter.

He had many great things to say about student achievement, positive relationships, and leading your classroom.  In his words these events are about one thing-

Developing the capacity to have a lifelong impact on a student's knowledge, thoughts, emotions, actions, and character.

He is a lively presenter and an excellent storyteller.  All of his topics were peppered with funny and entertaining stories from his life.  His entire presentation encompassed this story arc that he would add to throughout the workshop.  The culmination of Teach Like a Rock Star included a well -told ending to his story.  I enjoyed it immensely.  Some other gems that stood out:

  • Student success depends on content and character

  • Habits affect a student's content and character

  • You can punish kids into compliance, but not commitment

  • The classroom should not be all about the rules, but the values

  • Student behavior is more emotional than logical

  • We must get students to associate a positive emotional state with you, their teacher

  • Treat kids based on potential, not on performance

  • Our kids deserve opportunities to be great

  • Every kid deserves that shot

I appreciated that this workshop was not a program.  It is not 55 rules, 7 keys, or 10 steps to anything.  It does not have a campus -wide course manual to clutter your shelf.  It is simply a different way to think about your students and classroom.  It is simple, powerful, and most of all, attainable.  You can have this approach.  You can think this way.  You can empower yourself and your students with this thinking.  And you can do it now.

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Students will sometimes follow you because of what you say and do.  They will FOREVER follow you because of who you are.  -Hal Bowman