Starting to Drown in the Social Overflow

I love that summer is a time to relax and recharge. For most teachers, it is part of the rhythm of the job. It also gives me a chance to learn and reflect on the year from a much different perspective. Part of my learning and reflection comes from all the great people and content that I connect with online. The problem is that I'm starting to connect with a lot of people and content. And that makes for a lot of buckets to keep up with. 

As of this post, I have 151 feeds in Google Reader, I'm following 338 people on Twitter, and I have 159 Facebook friends.  I also have friends on MySpace, Posterous, and FriendFeed.  It's starting to overflow.  I know that I don't even have that much input compared to some of you, but I am beginning a quest. 

It's a zen type quest to simplify and slim down to as much as possible.  I only want the essential, valuable, and most influential.  For that to happen I have to define what I'll allow into each bucket.  Here is what I'm thinking so far for my biggest 3 buckets:


This is only personal stuff.  When I check Facebook, I only want to see stuff from my friends and family.  I'm going to try to keep all teaching and tech stuff out.

Google Reader

This is only for blogs and sites that have content that I absolutely can't miss.  I have teacher blogs, tech blogs, and friends' blogs here.  Some bloggers like @joe_bower and @johntspencer I will also follow on Twitter in addition to subscribing to their blogs.


This is to follow educators and teachers that I enjoy reading and conversing with.  It will also be for websites and blogs that I enjoy, but don't mind missing out on a few posts.  I like reading several teachers' blogs, but I don't need to subscribe to all of them.  I can catch their updates on Twitter.  The best content usually has a way of being retweeting.

* * * 
I would enjoy some feedback as to how you are managing these tools to keep up without drowning.

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