My name is Justin Stortz. I'm a self-confessed teacher burnout in recovery. I miss teaching but not being a teacher. I love Jesus. I have a super-cool wife, four lovely children, and a receding hairline.

What do I do?

I used teach 4th graders in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. I previously taught kindergarteners and first graders, but that wasn’t good for my hairline. I’ve been in 4½ bands. I read too many books at once and play around too much on my jailbroken iPhone.

What’s this site about?

I write about my experiences with kids- the happy, the sad, the extraordinary, and the mundane. I write about writing and depression and how technology makes all those things better and worse. I try to post a few times a week when I have something to say.

Some of my other stuff.

The most Internet famous thing I've ever written is about what not to say to kids. Another popular post was published on Joe Bower’s site.
I’ve written an article for Education Debate about students and blogging.
I made a classroom management video and article for #ntchat’s New Teacher Academy on Edutopia.
I was interviewed by Brian Barry on his blog.

And, of course, this.

I was inspired to start blogging by John Spencer. You should totally check out his site.

Wanna contact me?

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