7 Tips for Taming the Ugly Beast of Disillusionment

7 Tips for Taming the Ugly Beast of Disillusionment

Teaching in October can make you want to dig out your eyes with a rusty spoon. Red ribbon week, report cards, parent conferences, quarterly tests, fundraisers, fall festivals, and don't even get me started on the insane blur and sugar coma that is Halloween. 

October was the time I started giving up on my to-do lists. It was the time where being a Walmart greeter didn't sound that bad. It was the time where I felt more frustrated and anxious the closer I got to the school parking lot. 

I never understood why we get a day off for Columbus Day and not Halloween. Federal holiday makers obviously aren't around children snorting Pixy Stix and all hopped up on Kit Kats and freedom.

It's that time where everyone can start to get a little sandpapery with each other. The shine of the new year has given way to end-of-quarter tests and cafeteria mystery meat.

But if you've run the October gauntlet before, then you know it does get better. There's a turkey flavored break at the end of tunnel. And pumpkin pie too. Mmmm, pumpkin pie…

Here are 7 tips to tame the ugly beast of disillusionment—

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